Musical theater

Musical theater

With musical performance workshop we take another step in what we know how to act with the help of a text, we want the music to help us make the most of our senses. 


- Learn different types of warm-ups (vocal and physical), for the different sessions. 
- Learn the different interpretive techniques. 
- Experience and acquire specific technical and teaching skills. 
- Develop and apply the different techniques in the field of musical performance. 


- Exercises disinhibition and release the voice and body. 
- Exercises on the art of interpretation. 
- Voice training and body with the intent to take advantage of our innate abilities. 
- Vocal Diction. 


Classes begin with a specific vocal and physical warm-up and then practical exercises depending on the time of year. Then go on to work on the songs of each student. 

Students will select songs with the help of the teacher, to make them support for learning. 

As is done with text lyrics of the song is analyzed later perform a staging. 

It may work individually, in pairs or groups as happens in musicals. 

At the end of the course the audience a sample of student work will be performed. 


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