María Espejo

María Espejo, is an actress, model and television presenter who was born in a city where art is felt by each of its streets, Jerez de la frontera. Even as a little girl began to dance flamenco and doing theater in school. She loved to dress up and get into the skin of characters other than his person, soon realized he wanted to be an artist.

At 16 he traveled to Seville to begin his professional career and began working in South Canal, the most famous of his community and chain became the idol of children with its "band". From that moment was a program after another, children, music, history, science ... televisón has always fused with fiction, holding series and movies.

The last program was for Spanish television, the most important chain in Spain, the program was called I +, where the research was the most important factor. Maria would have always loved this branch so well prepared as an actress has a degree in journalism.

Has behind 4 movies with starring role. "criminal" by Carles Vila. "Dream" Joaquín Ortega, "Fleur de lis" Joaquín Ortega and "Damn Vengana" David Chamizo ". 

  In addition to his professional, is characterized by its freshness and desire and enthusiasm to continue working in their profession AMDA. She always says I was born to be an actress and the camera are excellent and her friends.


Director of the María Espejo School of Actors and Presenters.

Coach of actors and actress in the film "The Summer We Live" by Bambú Producciones

She is the author, director and actress of the show "3 Patas pá un banco" (on tour)

Fernando Navarro

The body language is a discipline with its own language. One way of communicating via our body gestures using a creative style. A language that we can apply to both work of an actor, and for all those who seek to know themselves more, or seek a different way to communicate with others!

Fernando began life in this wonderful world of the hand of friends with the same interests. At that time, the flow of his life led him first to Malaga where he discovered the value of your body, and then to Granada where definitely got caught by the magic of the stage. 

During this time and performed several works quite body building and somehow was the final push to carry out the dream he had in his mind, study gestural interpretation in Madrid.

He lived and he soaked his studies, and found that the choice of his life was correct. During this time he combined his training with sporadic but intense work at the Theatre Royal. 

The uncertainty of not knowing what your future holds after was soon dissipated studies when he admitted to work in Barcelona under the tutelage of "Els Comedians." With them learned to bring the studies to the street bring your inner life for people to remove their concerns, we perform several works both with them and to Port Aventura. Reaching create your own assembly under the watchful eyes of their teachers Paca Barrera and Joan Font. 

Here in Barcelona, ??also began his career as professor, lecturing for children and adults. The study of the body and the concerns of learning led him to start another career that may seem far from its scope, in fact, is a perfect symbiosis in many respects. 

He began studying at Huesca Sciences Physical Activity and Sport. There he turned his talents to make clear all the teacher learned under his hand, adult teaching and taking courses focused on both actors, as people who only sought to bring his body to different experiences. 

Life had his career back and take a new direction doing so return to their land. Here and in the province of Cadiz, has continued lecturing and creating different assemblies that carry their own label. 

A stamp that aims to school in the hands of their partners, a label full of enthusiasm for wanting to know what it loves best, performing arts.

Lidia María Jaime

Degree in Dramatic Art (specialty of Textual Interpretation) by the Superior School of Dramatic Art of Seville and Higher Technician of Plastic Arts and Design (Modeling of Clothing).

After graduating he continued his training in Madrid with various courses in dance, singing, comedy dell´Arte, scenic fencing with maestro Jesús Esperanza and interpretation before the camera with Fernando Guillén Cuervo, Ramón Quesada and Gracia Querejeta among others.

During his stay in Madrid, he was fully inserted in the world of communication, advertising, public relations and marketing; studying Publicity and Public Relations and working at Masscom Misuan S.L. where he joined the spokesperson training team, adapting the acting tools as a basis for speech preparation. In addition to this teaching work, at Masscom he worked as a press office and organized events for clients such as ICEX, Invest in Spain or Aneimo.

On returning to southern Spain, he continued his training in contemporary dance while teaching and interpreting classes at the Circle of Creative Expression in Jerez. Given his interest in the scenic costumes, he decided to study Modeling of Clothing making practices in the prestigious Sastrería Cornejo in Madrid.

As an actress, she has participated in the productions of several theater companies such as “Estudio M-08”, “Els Comediants”, “Window of dreams” and “El Carromato Teatro de Calle” with shows such as The Imaginary Sick, El Carromágiko, Bufonadas or Big Dancers (with international tour) among others.

She is the stage director and actress of the shows "Questions of Love and Sex" and "Weak sex?" of the "Cía. El Relío Teatro". He has also participated in street marketing actions, performances, recitals, animations, storytelling, short films and feature films.

Currently she continues her acting career as part of the cast of "3 Patas pá un banco" (on tour) and develops her teaching work as a teacher of interpretation, communication and classical theater at the María Espejo School of Actors and Presenters.

Ana Salas

Ana Salas, is an actress and dancer. She began studying flamenco dancing as a child and for more than a decade she has been trained with professionals, including Angelita Gómez, María del Mar Moreno and El Güito. Sure that the performing arts were his way, he decided to go to Madrid to train professionally.

He graduated in Interpretation at the "New Creators Center" directed by Cristina Rota in Madrid.

He studied film and television in several schools in the capital with professionals from the media such as Andrés Cuenca, David Planell or Jaime Chavarri.

In parallel, without disconnecting from the world of flamenco, he became interested in other types of dances as a form of expression, experimenting with several styles: break-dance, butoh dance, Spanish classical, Argentine tango, salsa and contemporary Afro and jazz with the Company 10 & 10 from Danni Pannullo.

In the audiovisual world, she has participated in several short films and is one of the actresses of the online series "SinvergÜensa" by the producer Fivemusic.

As a theater actress, she has participated in a score of works by various companies, highlighting her performance in the montages "De Finea and Nise" directed by Luis F. Jiménez. (Teatro Tis, Paris ... Tour) and "Get off the Moor" by José Luis Alonso de Santos, directed by Samuel Señas. (Madrid and Gira) and "¿weak sex?" Directed by Lidia María Jaime.

As an actress - bailaora, under the direction of Paloma Pérez-Montoro, she is part of the cast of "Maquis" De Rubén Burén. Award for the best play at the Festival "Seabreltelón 2011

For several years it combines interpretation and teaching. She is currently an actress of the feature film “Mr. Kato ”by the Baba brothers and is on tour with the show“ 3 Patas pá un banco ”directed by María Espejo.

Guiomar Hidalgo

Madrid singer and lover of good music in all genres.

At an early age he began his elementary music studies at the San Estanislao school in Kostka (Madrid) where he is part of the choir and the theater group.

Very influenced by the Rock and Blues of the 60s and 70s and marked by singers such as Janis Joplin, Robert Plant, Big Mama Thornton, Aretha Franklin, Bessie Smith, BIllie Holiday, among many more.

He studied at the School of Modern and Jazz Music of the University of Cádiz, taught by musicians and professors such as Manuel Perfumo, José López, Javier Galiana de la Rosa and Juan Sáinz.

Extends his training at the School of Performing Arts La Ofendida (Diana Civila) taking vocal technique classes applied to musical theater and where he has the opportunity to take a course on Jazz improvisation with Celia Mur. And he acquires knowledge about Blues and Rhythm and Blues at the Blues School in Madrid.

He continues in Madrid learning new singing techniques at the 21st Century Music School of Modern Music directed by Jaume Pla as well as Voice Craft Technique with Nuria Elósegui in vocal harmony group Souldrivers.

He has also received yoga training for voice and mantra singing with Claudia Leyva and Technique and vocal projection with Dani Reus (School of Creative Music).

It is part of numerous bands (Lunatics, Longway, Güstoock, Combo of the School of blues in Madrid and Gospel Souldrivers Choir). With the band The Grooves (Disco-Rock) wins the Barajas District National Band Contest and participates in festivals such as Sonorama, No Without Music, Radio 3 concerts, etc.

He combines teaching with various musical projects: Mind the Zep, consolidated one of the best band tribute to Led Zeppelin, sharing a poster with bands like God Save The Queen, Bird and Bon Scott Band. He collaborates with Retroband Systems, a pioneer band in offering videogame tournaments with live music; And he participates in electronic music projects (Neon Lights-Lowfreak).

In continuous training and attending MasterClass (Greg Enriquez and Liliana Aracil) in Backstage Artistic Factory and Voice School Liliana Aracil (Institute for Vocal Advancement).


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