About us

About us

School actors and presenters Maria Espejo, born with the goal to offer a place where you can prepare as an actor or as a TV, but through interpretive techniques, we want to go much further. 

In our school has recess all kinds of people, no matter the age, it is never too late to learn, especially when what they"re purchasing will help you to work and your life. 

The acting profession is the most difficult in the world, you have to know how to do all or at least appear so. An actor must know how Waiter, attorney, old, child, poor, rich, etc.. 

Getting into the skin of another perhaps has nothing to do contigo.Precisamente by this act and get to know "naked" before an audience or a camera will help you see the world and society in a thousand different ways and even meet you capabilities same time than you know. 

Want to be an actor or TV presenter? What you are, but want to workout on camera? Need to prepare for an audition? Here you can. 

But also: 

Do not have leadership skills?. We can work with you to get it. Is it hard to speak in pubic? Seek a character within you that will help you lose stage fright. 

Does your child has trouble relating to others? Through the interpretation will be more extroverted, without losing its personality. 

Does shyness makes you miss opportunities? . Incarnate into different characters get that win in audacity. 

Not sure you want to dedicate yourself in the future? . We all have special virtues, discover is the hard part, but all work and determination is achieved. 

Discipline is man"s best friend, because she takes you arealizar the deepest longings of your school corazón.Desde Maria Espejo, we carry a full of honesty and professionalism work. To provide complete unaenseñanza scenic, we divide the school into three departments: Interpreting Body Language and Voice-voice. 

Right now we are in the process of finding music professionals and to bring the department diction and singing voice on the other side, a second dance professional to lead the department of physical expression. Among the requirements, we: 

Degree in music or dance / alternative studies. 

Data above-professional jobs. 

-Honesty and humility. 

-Ability to work in groups. 

Location of School: 

One of the highlights of the school is its location. The escuelatendrá Porvera place in street, in one of their homes which is listed as a historic site. With facilities are maintained to the smallest detail. Surrounded by art, which is mirepor, art school, school of flamenco and all the majesty that surrounds the center of sherry look. 


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