Singing and Voice (Music performance)

Singing and Voice (Music performance)


Music is present in our lives. In the street there are music, house music and we especially and most importantly in our memories. Each song can be related to a specific moment of our existence. Music is necessary to transmit feelings, opinions and in many cases is the best form of expression for humans. 

Music has always played an important role in learning and culture, being able to influence customs and emotions. On many occasions the music is part of the tradition of a country or region (folías, Sardana, sevillanas, tangos, ...), or a cultural entity (choral music, bands, university tunas ... ). 

In many circumstances the music in real protagonist (Christmas Carol, a waltz as a first dance at a wedding, the pilgrimage isas a canary ...) becomes, can also be the performers themselves (Plácido Domingo, the Sabandeños. ..) or their authors (Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi, ..). 

If we stick to "modern" music, back in the 50"s "Rock and Roll" became part of the history of his hand applauded performers (Elvis Presley, Beatles, Rolling Stones). 

Since then music has experienced dramatic changes, and has influenced every generation, specially in the "teenagers" (teens). 

Music has been a companion of man since the beginning of its history. It is speculated that the beginning of his story is related to the imitation of nature sounds, such as birdsong and the inner nature of the human being, for example the natural rhythm of the heartbeat; the past concerning the beginnings of art theories give much importance to the latter (internally perceived forms), referring to these influences as "entópicas" and relating strongly with the work of shamans and their inner experiences. 

During prehistoric music was part of celebrations and rituals, which is not much different from the uses given today. In fact, our nervous system is about the same, so that excites the human being is universal in nature. 

Not required to have a wonderful voice. Only work, learn and eager to discover our interpretive skills of the labor of music.


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